Lehandler From cleaning your apartment, they make sure the fridge has your necessary groceries, your dry cleaning is picked up and dropped off, among other personalized services they offer. We designed their website with a customized CSS implementation that provides instant navigation between tabs and pages. Our process management specialists also assist in [...]



Cloud-Equities: Web 3 Our software development partner, Cloud-Equities, represents the highest standard in the industry of Web 3 portfolio management, pricing, and protection. Our collaboration with the team at Cloud-Equities creates the perfect set of opportunities for our agents, clients, and contractors to benefit from insight and experience in the tech world of [...]

Tem Business Rising


Tem Business Rising Tem Business Rising is an International Business Consulting Company founded in 2010 to participate in the development of African industries. A business consulting company which uses key skills and good behaviors for the best culture, our partnership enables ecosystems across boarders for greater wealth and intelligence sharing for all. Click [...]



RaEnergy: Community Solar Stations RaEnergy offers solar power panel installation services throughout the U.S. Our service is primarily suited for new subdivisions and medium to large neighborhoods as an alternative energy solution. We assist RaEnergy with logistics and strategy implementation on the ground with contracting agents nationwide. Click Here to Visit [...]

SableAssent Coin Corporation


SableAssent Coin Corporation: The Pan-African Blockchain Ecosystem SableAssent empowers people around the world using a custom cryptocurrency token, wallet, and education platform. With our start-up focused business enablement service, our Business Analysts at Incline Enterprising establish standards for business processes and back-end systems for SableAssent. Our specialists continue to provide ongoing support in [...]



6Atlas: The Club Promoter App Our expert Business Analysts improve the effectiveness of the 6Atlas brand with a hands on service that builds value and equity from the ground up, enabling an ecosystem of people, technologies, and intelligence throughout the organization. We also created a staff knowledgebase for the administrators of the 6Atlas [...]